Check out our Wishlist on Amazon.  It’s easy – just order and they’ll deliver right to our door!  Click here.

We would like to be able to properly thank you for items ordered via Amazon.  In order for us to know who the items came from you will need to check “This is a gift” for each item in your cart.  Then when checking out you will have the option to enter a gift message.  Please enter your name and either email address or mailing address here so we can send you a “Thank You” and provide a receipt for tax purposes.

Not comfortable ordering from Amazon or don’t see anything that interests you?  Below are more options to help the shelter.

Items in red are our highest needs.

Cat Wishlist
Cat carriers

Cat treats
Cat toys

Fleece fabric (unused)
Hand towels – gently used
Kitten Milk Replacer
Purina Indoor Cat food (Green bag)
Purina Kitten Chow
Canned Cat Food – any brand

Stainless cat food bowls (no plastic, please)
Small litter boxes
Tidy Cat Non-clumping litter
Wash cloths – gently used

Dog Wishlist
Canned dog food – any brand

Dog crates – all sizes
Dog toys
Dog treats – (no rawhides, please)
Hot dogs (pre-cooked packages)
Kongs and other enrichment toys
Peanut Butter
Purina Dog Chow
Purina Puppy Chow
Slip leads – 6 foot

Stainless dog food bowls (no plastic, please)

People Wishlist
Binder clips, all sizes

Dawn Dishwashing liquid – blue
HP ink cartridge #950 & 951 high capacity
Brother Toner TN450 and Drum DR420
Gas cards

Hand sanitizers
Tall Kitchen Garbage bags
55 gallon Garbage bags
Paper towels
Pens, black or blue
Post-it note pads
Tape, invisible or clear
Toilet paper
White copy paper
Zip ties

S.P.O.T. Wishlist
Dog houses – gently used
Dog food – any brand, dry or canned
Cat food – any brand, dry or canned