Memorial Giving

Honorary and memorial giving is a way to honor someone special in your life. Whether it’s a family member, friend, pet or something else, this is a way to recognize your appreciation for having that person or animal in your life. These gifts go straight to caring for the homeless pets served by BCHS every day, making them even more meaningful.

The following honorary and memorial gifts have been received in the past six months:

Donations were made in honor of: 

Jim Bradley
     Mark and Barbara Boswell

Pam Clark
     Scott Starr

Sue Crandall
     Jay Harding

A Friend
     Anne Wymore

Conor Hanlon
     Karen and Jim Abbott

Loretta Hutchison
     Daniel Young

     Jerry Fryer

Casey Kersey
    Suellen, Chris, Danielle, Brynne,
      Nicole & Lauren

Dr. Paul and Donna Kruse
     Kathy Sharp

Claire and Tom Mitchell
     Alan and Mandy Zellmer

Marcia Moore
     Mark and Jinny Thompson

Emma Nelson
     Dena Patrick

Scott Nelson
     Richard and Stephanie Bennett

Steve Schutte
     Daniel and Ruth Johnson

Judy Stewart
     June and John Dever

Don Zimmer
     Mary Glass

Our Deceased Patients
     Hope Veterinary Clinic


Donations were made in memory of: 

Olive Edna Irene Allspaw
     Kathleen Allspaw

     David Johnson

Abigail and Bella
     Richard and Laura Young

     Daniel and Ruth Johnson

Trever Brummett
     Carroll and Carol Anderson
     Jackie Parker

Leo and Cara
     Amanda Kemnitz

Jay Charon
     Cora Miller

Zola Donald
     Brooke Dehne

     Marilyn McAtee

Erica Eddelman
     Denny and Bonnie Ayers
     Steven and Lora Ayers
     Leila Condry
     Alan and Judith Eddelman
     Rodney and Heida Garrett
     Anita Hole
     Tammy and David Miller
     Mike and Amber Owens

     Mike and Carol Ford

     Steph and Luke Heckel

Wanda Gillaspy
     Doreen St Clair

Ruth “Mrs. G” Gleason
     Jon and Anne Dilts
     Yasmina Haddad
     Stephanie Haddad
     Louise, Jenna and Kayla Hart
     Terry Joebgen
     Samantha MacNeil
     Kathleen McConahay
     Bruce, Pat, Sam and Jordan Monson
     Ewa Paluszkiewicz
     Gabriel Quinones
     Sherman and Meredith Rogers
     The Susannas Sunday Class at St.
        Andrews United Methodist Church
     Christina Swanson
     Danielle Todd

Mack Golson
     Ralph and Barbara Wootton

Mr. Gray
     Wendy Singer

Butters and Lola Hanrahan
     Nathanial Hanrahan

Judah and Ernest Hemingway
     Stephen and Cheryl Owen

Robert Jaros
     J. Howard and Linda Pratt

Shamrock and Jewel
     Melanie Dallas-Coady

Lord Dashwood Kat
     Brian and Denise Swalve

Rosie Kelp
     Donald and Gloria Sooby

Slats Klug
     Jane Mitchell

Virginia “Ginny” Knieper
     Jeffrey and Mary Price
     Gerald and Martha Resler
     Patricia Wright

Steven R. Knight
     Jason and Niccole Knight

Janet Kramer
     Linda Linder
     Scott Nelson

Fred and Mary Lorenz
     Lorenz Family Charitable Trust

Jessee Loyal
     Philip Smith and Sue Ahbe

Pone Lupa
     Myra Owczarzak

Zooey Maynard
     Michele Dunbar

Lowell Maze
     Doug Maze

David Merdek
     Cynthia Smith

Libby Meyer
     Sidney Meyer

     Sue Engledow

Linda Moeller
     Justin McElroy

     Philip and Ruthann Berck

Patty Donaldson and Wray Parker
     Gloria Dobbs

Al and Cocoa Pockevich
     Michael Gunn and Judith Bentley

     DeAnne Weaver

Scott Reynolds
     Jim and Luella Brunnemer
     Gary and Ruth Reece
     Jeff and Julie Williamson

Sandra Rhoads
     Jaclyn Bouton

     Michelle Powell

John V. Skinner, Sr.
     Sharon Barnett
     Larry and Laura Blair
     John Boldt
     Don and Barbara Bradley
     Joan Cowan
     Joanne and Frederick Guarnieri
     Max and Penelope Jacobus
     Cecelia and Jeffrey King
     Renee King
     Len and Bev Logterman
     Mary and Bob Orben
     Anna Plummer
     Connie Pockevich
     Ann Riley
     Rita Simon
     Glen and Diane Smith
     Lynn Sparks
     Frances Thorstenson
     DeAnne Weaver
     Susan Weaver

     Mary Perez

Don Sooby
     Tanaya Clinger
     Thomas and Pamela Crawford
     Faith Elsea
     Hope Lacey
     Clyde and Mary Patchin
     Bill and Jackie Phillips
     Dick and Carol Routh
     Janice Skinner
     Earl and Marcia Sledd
     Jane Sooby
     Mary Ward
     Edward and Lana Wrightsman
     Raymond and Sharon Zeigler

John Staab
     Joanne Sauter

Preston Steffen
     Sharon Hensley

Malcolm “Gene” Stern
     Annie McCarty

Twinkle aka Andromeda
     Tanya Rye

     Lanee Johnson

Vicki Wayman
     Mary Jo Spiegel
     Barbara Zieg

Betty White
    Lauren Baxter

Pat Richardson and Renee Woehlecke
     Philip Wagner

Mocha Zapapas
     Sue Engledow
     Doreen St. Clair

Puppy Who Passed Away
     Philip and Ruthann Berck


To make a memorial or honorary donation, please send a check along with your name and the name of the person or pet you want to honor to: BCHS, 128 State Road 135 South, Nashville, IN 47448 or donate online by visiting our donation page.