Memorial Giving

Honorary and memorial giving is a way to honor someone special in your life. Whether it’s a family member, friend, pet or something else, this is a way to recognize your appreciation for having that person or animal in your life. These gifts go straight to caring for the homeless pets served by BCHS every day, making them even more meaningful.

The following honorary and memorial gifts have been received in the past six months:

Donations were made in honor of: 

Jim Bradley
     Mark and Barbara Boswell

Sharon Bussert
     Martha Smith

Pam Clark
     Scott Starr

Rob and Nancy Coulter
     June and John Dever

Sue Crandall
     Jay Harding

Harry Eck
     Varina Pike Griffin

Marie Fox
     Russell and Gloria Allman

Rick Gross
     Alyson Hanus

Casey Kersey
     Michele Clark

Marcia Moore
     Mark and Jinny Thompson

Barbara Newton
     Patricia Coleman

Steve Schutte
     Daniel and Ruth Johnson

Judy Stewart
     June and John Dever


Donations were made in memory of: 

Daisy Arbesu
     Trish Kerle

Abigail and Bella
     Richard and Lauren
       Weinland Young

     Sue Engledow

James Brantley
     Suzy and Kim Haug

     Karen Scott

John Bryant
     Harold Baker

Isabelle Buehl
     Carla and Howard Beeson
     Calvin and Edith Davis
     Todd Fleshman

     Haley Blankenhorn

Leo and Cara
     Amanda Kemnitz

Jay Charon
     Philip Smith and Sue Ahbe
     Richard and Kate Haggard
     Jenny Johnson
     Pat and Kendra Loyal
     Cora Miller
     Robert and Donna Ormiston

Monty Coffey and Bud Coffey
     Pam Sherrill

Gene Cook
     Deborah Harman

E. Neil Cooper
     Amy Chesterfield
     Linda Hockney
     Vincent Romano
     Edwin and Judy

Barbara Sumner Crandall
     Donald and Marcia Moore

Marty Douglas Jr.
     Brenda and Martin Douglas

Lord Dashwood Kat
     Brian and Denise Swalve

     Marilyn McAtee

Harry Eck
     Donald and Gloria Sooby

Butters and Lola

     Nathanial Hanrahan

Mark Allen Harder and Ryan Mark Harder
     Lisa Elliott
     Jeff Farrell
     Judy Lynch
     Doni Parks

David L. Hobson
     John Keeler

Alfredo and Hooch
     Herb and Judy Albert

Slats Klug
     Jane Mitchell
     Weed Patch Music

Virginia “Ginny” Knieper
     Gerald and Martha Resler
     Patricia Wright

Natalie Lavengood
     Elizabeth Bender
     Craig Bradley
     Gloria Dobbs
     Elizabeth and Dan Domont
     Paula and Philip Drieci
     Marilyn Fagg
     Robin Goodrich
     Dwight and Linda Grooms
     June Hagan
     Susan Hanning
     Charles and Elaine Hoefflin
     William and Sue Ann
     John Peterson
     Claudia and Debbie Prosser
     Dillon Roth
     Frederick and Veronica
     Henrietta Snively
     Doreen St. Clair
     Tau Chapter of Delta Kappa

     Daniel and Ruth Johnson

Carl and Barbara Lunde
     Matthew and Anne Katz
     Katz Family Charitable

Linda Moeller
     Justin McElroy

     Philip and Ruthann Berck

Patty Jo Nolting
     Bill and Jackie Phillips

Patty Donaldson and Wray Parker
     Gloria Dobbs

     Richard and Stephanie

Jon M. Pinney
     Dave Gore
     Debbie Pinney

Scott Reynolds
     Jeff and Julie Williamson

Romeo Richardson
     Shelly Richardson
     Wendy Singer

Florence Rupp
     Peter Mickelson

Dorothy Scott
     Brenda and Martin Douglas

Linda Stockdale
     Charles Steve Hildreth

Shana Swabb
     Mary Jane Richards
     Kristy Swabb
     Jeanetta Ann Ulmer

Ulysses S Cat
     Stacey Wenslauskis

Nick Waggoner
     Mike and Stacy Mellencamp

Vicki Wayman
     Mary Jo Spiegel
     Barbara Zieg

Betty Weatherford
     Philip and Ruthann Berck
     Carolyn Biggs
     Leo and Connie Blackwell
     Jack Bonham
     Danelle Butler
     Michael and Carol Carter
     Bill and Mary Jo Conley
     Marjorie Cook
     Brenda English
     Patricia Garry
     Rob and Anna Gartner
     Patricia Hemmerle
     Roz Ilkhanipour
     Connie Krier
     Jeff and Noel Loehr
     Becky Meyer
     Red Nastoff
     Scott Nelson
     Larry and Julie Ness
     Nancy Petrick
     John and Kathryn Rufatto
     Salem United Methodist
     Barb Saligoe
     Tim and Chelsie Sharp
     Dave and Debbie Sharp
     Margaret Tompkins
     Agnes Unger
     Diana Ward
     Evan and Sue Ann Werling

Betty White
    Herb and Judy Albert
    Paula Anderson
    Lauren Baxter
    Tim and Lisa Becraft
    Shannon Bray
    Karen Buckler
    Donna Burkhardt
    Jami Canada
    Kim Cary
    Patty Christy
    Michele Clark
    Angela Clements
    Sue Cody
    Stephanie, Lilly and Julie
    Vickie Crabtree
    Thomas and Pamela
     Lesley Denison
     Amanda DeRoss
     Todd Dobbels
     Brittany Doering
     Carrie Douglas
     Keith and Kathy Dreher
     Katherine and Walker
     Diana Estridge-Hostetler
     Tracy Felts
     Ann Gandolph
     David Gregoire
     Mandy Hall
     Nicole Hartfield
     Beth Heavin
     Rich Hill
     Jennifer Hollandbeck
     Kenna Huber
     Ivy Hurley
     Vicki Jennings
     Brian and Tai Johnson
     Elizabeth Jordan
     Savanah Kaelin
     Kathy Keating
     Trish Kerle
     Casey Kersey
     Lee Kirk
     Heidi Klene
     Nina Koch
     Kristin and David Lacefield
     Julie Larkin
     Michelle Leever
     Brandon Macy
     Nancy Magill
     Cole Mann
     Eileen Martin
     Mary Maschino
     Brenda Maulden
     Megan McGlothlin
     Alicia Meranda
     Linda Morgan
     Aimee Morris
     Kayley Motz
     Benjamin and Christe
     Red Nastoff
     Joe and Barb Newton
     Susan Niehans
     Victoria OBrien
     Lori Owings
     Dana Parks
     Tim and Valerie Pritchett
     Kim Proctor
     Stacy Rice
     Phyllis Riskey
     Bonnie Robison
     Elizabeth Saunders
     Debbie Schumacher
     Tim and Chelsie Sharp
     Tina Sichting
     Shelby Skirvin
     Starlet Skirvin
     Jennifer Smith
     Lora Smith
     Ann Spahr
     Mark Spurgeon
     Matt and Amanda
     Mark and Cheryl Stolle
     Janet Stuckey
     Thomas and Sharon     
     Suellen Swaney
     Laure Sweany
     Linda Szymoniak
     Nellie Thompson
     Rosalee Trimble
     Ron and Terri Troyan
     Rebecca Miller Updike
     Anna Vinson-Chastain
     Alisia Vitale
     Michele Wedel
     Stacey Wenslauskis
     Sarah Werling
     Trina Werner
     Erica Whichello
     Barbara Wills
     Joy Woodcock
     Jessica Workman
     Kayla Yaden
     Carol Zapapas

Pat Richardson and Renee Woehlecke
     Philip Wagner


To make a memorial or honorary donation, please send a check along with your name and the name of the person or pet you want to honor to: BCHS, 128 State Road 135 South, Nashville, IN 47448 or donate online by visiting our donation page.