Memorial Giving

Honorary and memorial giving is a way to honor someone special in your life. Whether it’s a family member, friend, pet or something else, this is a way to recognize your appreciation for having that person or animal in your life. These gifts go straight to caring for the homeless pets served by BCHS every day, making them even more meaningful.

The following honorary and memorial gifts have been received in the past six months:

Donations were made in honor of: 

Mr. and Mrs. T Beecher
     Thomas and Claire Mitchell

Monique Cagle
     John and Angie Aumage

Dave Chiu
     Mark and Barbara Boswell

Kathleen Casey Kersey
     Suellen Swaney

     Brent Mahoney

Taylor McCaw
     Stacy Pollard

Thomas and Claire Mitchell
     Alan and Mandy Zellmer

Scott Nelson
     Richard and Stephanie Bennett

Tom and Jane Smith
     Jeffrey Smith

Judy Strange
     Steve and Susan Bowsman

Alice Taulman
     Scott and Sheila Taulman

Amy Cope and Theresa Thompson
     Diane Dallis-Comentale

Rylee Matthew Todd
     Cynthia Gillim

Wedding of Tony and Lori White
     Angela Cherry
     Wendy Dion
     Tamara Durham
     Debbie Gillette
     Shaun McDermott
     Lori Owings

Kathy Wilkerson
     Melanie Dallas-Coady

Our Deceased Patients
     Hope Veterinary Clinic

Donations were made in memory of: 

Bob Adair
     Lauren Adair-Horace

     Doreen St. Clair

     David Johnson

Amos, Amell and Adira
     Philip and Ruthann Berck

Brent Biddle
     Barnes & Thornburg LLP – Government
        Services and Finance Dept
     Izzy Lyon
     Jill Seward

Dolly Biggs
     Gena, Pat, Kathy, Beth and Sandra
     Carolyn Biggs
     Linda Marler
     Kathy Sharp

     Richard and Constance Embry

Pat Blocker
     Becky Burr

     Erika Imhoof

     Shirley Jordan

     Cynthia Jo Temple

Carroll Bush
     Joseph and Madeline Deckard
     Paul and Shelley Dietz
     Rick and Cindy Grubbs
     Janice Kuhn
     The Walker Family

     Carol Miller

Sandra Campbell
    Melinda Kotterman
    Laureen Maines

Lorena Clark
     Thelma Fiesbeck

Mae Clark
     Tawny Hartsook

Gene Cook
     Christina Cook

Marge Cook
     Marilyn McAtee
     Red Nastoff
     Kathy Sharp
     Jane Weatherford

Rudy Crabtree
     Robert and Marilyn Bishop
     Donna Braas
     Bright & Williamson Insurance
     Steve Brown
     Amelia Burton
     John and Karen Elliott
     Lois and James Gredy
     Buddy and Diana Greller
     Heartland Region Comcast Family
     Indiana Constructors, Inc.
     Mary Lang
     Laurie Maudlin
     Paul Patrick
     Kathleen Seitz
     Denise and Tracy Yater

     Lori Hardacre

Michael Devito
     Gloria Dobbs

     Philip and Ruthann Berck

Robert Dixon
     Carol Euliss
     Deane and Susan Novak

     Carolyn Biggs
     Gena, Pat, Kathy, Beth and Sandra
     Kathy Sharp

Mack Golson
     Ralph and Barbara Wootton

Kay Green
     BBTM Ops and Maintenance Team
     Cindy Eakle
     Mary Leftwich

Gypsy Ranney and Puppy Hall
     Jan Ranney Larkin

Dalton Hittle
     Jim and Barb Stinson

David Hobson
     Patrick and Barbara Hamric

Sara Howell
     T&T Pet Food & Supply

     Richard and Stephanie Bennett

     Janet and Michael Rash

     Bill and Mary Jo Conley

     Doreen St. Clair

     Melanie Dallas-Coady

Sue Keller
     Sharon and Christian Cloyd
     John Riley Kingen Family
     Nancy Wonacott

Katherine Konechnik
     Raymond and Arleen Krebs
     Georgia Lekse
     Carl and Marianne Miller

Becca Rose Lawson
     Shelly Law

     Suzy and Kim Haug

     Amanda Roth

Fred and Mary Jane Lorenz
     Lorenz Family Charitable Trust

     Ruth Johnson

Barbara and Carl Lunde
     Pam and Mark Jackson

Thomas O’Malley
     Dixie Ferrer

     Eric Hohlt

     Cheryl Dixon

Jeanne May
     Lee Atwell
     Stephen Hutchison

Dr. Charles W. McClary
     Jim and Betsy More

Shirley McClary
     Karen Jackson

David Melquist
     Kami Hopkins

     Erika Imhoof

Larry Percifield
     Linda Kinsey
     Kathryn Mount
     Edward and Lana Wrightsman

Betty Percival
     Jenny and Izzy Lyon

     Richard and Stephanie Bennett

Socks Jones-Schlichte
     Tyler Jones

Larry Seitz
     Jim Kelp

Timothy J. Sheehan
     WesleyAnn Cooper
     Michael Morris
     Mike and Theresa Shadley

     Judy Roberts

Don Sooby
     Tanaya Clinger
     April Hamilton
     Jane Sooby

     Don and Nancy Flanders
     Rachel Harrell
     Rick and Dawn Harrell

     Jim Clark and Denise Carter

Yvonne Tidd
     Daniel and Lynne Coverdale
     Genan Kirby
     John and Adella Wood

     Jill and Bill Hinkley
     Wendy Ressler

Louie and Betty Weatherford
     Bonnie Kinghorn

Evan Werling
     Philip Smith and Sue Ahbe
     Philip and Ruthann Berck
     Jeanne Skillman and Diane Binney
     David and Elizabeth Camp-Richey
     Jim Clark and Denise Carter
     Robert and Nancy Coulter
     Doug and Lou Anne Denny
     Andrea Devoursney
     Valerie and Donald Foley
     The Garage
     Patty and Megan Gushwa
     Shari Henley Harvess
     Mark Henley
     Jenny Johnson
     Greg and Tammy Jones
     Mike and Pam Jones
     Jenny Jones
     Casey Kersey
     Dave and Pam McIntire
     Becky Meyer
     Red Nastoff
     Larry and Julie Ness
     Robert and Donna Ormiston
     Pets Alive Spay Neuter Clinic
     Kathy Sharp
     Kathy and Mark Smallwood
     Andy and Jane Smith
     Gloria Sooby
     Jim and Barbara Stinson
     Judy Strange
     Beverly Teach
     Sue Henley Tracey
     Jane Weatherford
     Mary Ann Soll and Gerhard Weber
     Sue Ann Werling
     Ryan and Haley Wright
     Janet and Wayne Zelt

Kathleen Wilkinson
     David and Jeaninne Criswell
     Linda Franklin
     Richard and Cathy Hahn
     Conrad and Marijane Hittle
     The Kutch Family
     Chris Lathrop    
     Ethan Moses

Pat Richardson and Renne Woehlecke
     Phil and Joan Wagner

Albert Zehr
     Nicole Hoen

Judy Zimmerman
     Izzy Lyon


To make a memorial or honorary donation, please send a check along with your name and the name of the person or pet you want to honor to: BCHS, 128 State Road 135 South, Nashville, IN 47448 or donate online by visiting our donation page.