Memorial Giving

Honorary and memorial giving is a way to honor someone special in your life. Whether its a family member, friend, pet or something else, this is a way to recognize your appreciation for having that person or animal in your life. And, these gifts go straight to caring for the homeless pets served by BCHS every day, making them even more meaningful.

The following honorary and memorial gifts have been received in the past six months:

Donations were made in honor of: 

Tim Dearth
      Roy and Marilyn Shurtleff


Donations were made in memory of: 

Corbin Cook
     Barbara Comstock
     Kim Hicks
     Natalie Hollander
     Jacques Jessen
     Dana Nelson
     Aaron Wheeler
     Shirley Wilkinson

Butters and Lola Hanrahan
     Nathanial Hanrahan

Chris “Cringle” Hogue
     Cringle Cares Ride

Louise Hutchison
     Kristy Woodward

Maurice Imhoof
     Suzy and Kim Haug

Dorothy Kay Scott
     Brenda and Martin Douglas
     Jerry and Peggy Thompson

     Joe and Barb Newton

Lola Weldy
     Gene and Christina Cook

Patients we have lost
     Hope Veterinary Clinic


To make a memorial or honorary donation, please send a check along with your name and the name of the person or pet you want to honor to: BCHS, 128 State Road 135 South, Nashville, IN 47448 or donate online by visiting our donation page.