Thank you for your interest in our foster care program!

Brushing Kitties_5As a foster program volunteer, you can play a large role in saving lives. By providing  care that is difficult to achieve at the shelter, you will increase the chances of a pet being adopted, and will become a vital part of our fight against the euthanasia of adoptable animals.

As a foster care volunteer, you will give every animal a better chance at a new life.

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How the Program Works

The BCHS foster program is designed to place shelter animals into temporary homes where they can grow, heal, socialize, and become/remain adoptable while they wait for their “forever home”. 

foster2Examples of the situations where foster care is used are:

  • Kittens and puppies. Until their immune systems have developed and they are old enough to be spay/neutered and adopted, kittens and puppies are all kept in foster care.
  • Dogs undergoing heartworm treatment. These dogs need to be in a calm, quiet environment without a lot of activity.
  • Cats and dogs recovering from medical treatment or illness. A quiet, comfortable place to rest and receive medication and regular monitoring is much better for the healing process.
  • Small dogs. Many small dogs find the noise and size of the shelter to be especially stressful.

Which Situation is Right for You?

fosterBecause our program is focused on animals that need special care, not every home situation will be right for every animal. 

Each animal has different requirements. Some, like kittens, may need a few months of care while others may only need a few days. Our foster care team can work with your schedule.

Every foster volunteer is provided with a detailed manual and regular check-ins from our foster care coordinator. We also have a veterinary assistant available by phone or email to help with any questions or concerns. We provide you with everything you need to know during the fostering process.

Fill out a foster application 

To Be a Foster Care Volunteer:

puppiesPotential foster families must complete an application and screening by a BCHS representative. Because the foster care program is an extension of the BCHS shelter, each foster volunteer must agree to certain responsibilities:

Foster Responsibilities

  • Feed, socialize, exercise, groom and medicate animals as needed.
  • Ensure the animal’s safety and respond to the animal’s needs. 
  • Isolate foster animals from your own companion animals when necessary. 
  • Ensure that your companion animals are current on vaccinations and spayed or neutered.
  • Observe and report any problems with the animal to the shelter. 
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding foster animals and their situations.
  • Return the animal to the Society at the appropriate time. 
  • Comply with the Society’s philosophies and policies and act as a Society representative.
  • Bring foster animals to BCHS adoption events so that they will be given every opportunity to be placed in permanent, adoptive homes. 
  • Ensure fostered pets remain under the care of the foster family at all times.

Fill out a foster application