Brandy sure knows how to charm new people.

The first thing she does when she meets someone new is to get real, close, sit on their feet and lean against their leg while looking demurely into their eyes. Her little ears go way back and her eyes get all squinty!

This super sweet girl walks nicely on a leash, enjoys chasing a ball, although she doesn’t always bring it back and loves to be near people.

She has a bit of a “rough and tumble” kind of play style with other dogs.  Some dogs like that and others don’t.  Brandy is also a bit selective about her dog friends, so a “meet and greet” with other dogs in a potential adopter’s household is a must.

A moderate amount of exercise and lots of cuddle time will keep this girl very happy.

Brown County Humane Society
128 State Road 135 South
Nashville, IN 47448