Bruno has a lot of friends and he quickly become a staff favorite.

He’s a confident, young dog that has everything going for him -€“ personality & looks!

Bruno loves toys, but doesn’t destroy them. He just enjoys tossing them in the air and chasing them.

If you walk into his kennel, Bruno wiggles all over, so happy to have some company, but he calms himself down very quickly and will sit by your side and lean into you.  He’ll even lay down on your lap while all the other dogs are jumping around acting silly.

In addition to having a really wonderful personality, Bruno is stunning to look at. He has a very red brindle coat that just shines in the sun.

Bruno enjoys the company of other dogs and is all around just about as close to perfect as can be.

Won’t you come visit him?  He just might be the best friend you’ve been looking for!