Cat of the Week - Bebe largeBebe – This beauty wants to bond with you. She’s looking for someone to be her companion through life. She’ll spend her time on your lap or by your side, chatting and cooing her thoughts out loud. She loves to have long conversations, whether you understand each other or not. Now and then she’ll reach out her paw to gently touch your face, just to let you know she’s listening.

Bebe wants a quiet home, where she can give all of her attention to you alone. She’s overwhelmed by other animals, especially the rambunctious ones. Time on the couch or the pillow, watching the birds, or helping you to read a book or watch TV is what she has in mind.

She’s quite the beauty, with her striking green eyes, soft white fur, and cute little bob tail. She’s declawed in the front, so she’ll need to be an indoor only cat, but she’s ok with that.