Cat of the Week - Toby largeToby – His big, bright eyes say it all…”what’s that?!” He’s excited and curious about everything.

As soon as visitors walk in the door, Toby is the first to greet them with his enthusiastic meow and bubbly personality. He let’s them know how happy he’d be to come out and play.

Toby loves to run around, exploring each corner and each toy. Then he runs back to visit all of the people, spending time getting plenty of pets and scratches and head bumps. Then it’s off to check out the birds outside the window and take a run through the crinkle tunnel.

Once he’s exhausted all of his energy, Toby is happy to settle in next to you for a while and show you his sweet side. Then he’s off again for another adventure.

You just can’t help but get caught up in his enthusiasm for life.