Cat of the Week - Bianca largeBianca – There are so many things that are special about Bianca. First of all, she’s polydactyl…she has 6 toes on her front feet instead of 5.  She has two super-white whiskers that really stand out from her dark face. She drools when she’s really happy.  She’s really happy when she’s sitting on your lap.  Really happy.

Bianca was so shy at first, she spent months hiding in a box or a bed. She’s still a quiet girl, never pushing herself to the front of the line or crying out for attention. But if you take the time to sit with her, she will be so grateful. She loves to have her head scratched and will roll over to show you her little white belly. If you sit, she’ll come out to crawl into your lap.

Sure, she might drool a little when she’s happy, but it’s her way of letting you know that all is right.