Christy2Christy – is such a delight. She’s another one of the cats that is loved by all of the staff and volunteers, but somehow still hasn’t been chosen to go home. 

When she came to the shelter more than a year ago, she was so shy and quiet.  Now she’s blossomed into a loving kitty who adores having her tummy rubbed. 

Christy is always the first kitty to come to you.  Her entire focus in on getting love and attention.  Once you settle in, she will be happy to just stretch out next to you, with your hand resting on her tummy while you watch TV or read a book.

Sometimes she still startles at loud noises or sudden movements, but then she comes right back asking for more attention. If you sit quietly, she’ll be right by your side.

Christy gets along great with other cats. She’s had a lot of roommates, including some who didn’t like any of the other cats but got along well with Christy. She must have a calming effect on them. Most of all, Christy just to love you. What more could you want?