Pet Memorial

Brown County Humane Society Pet Memorial

The loss of a beloved pet brings sadness and heartache. Sharing the joy a pet brought to your life with others who understand your feelings can help the grieving process. These memorial pages will honor the important part your pet had in your life.

The Brown County Humane Society will create a custom webpage to honor your pet.  Each memorial webpage can be created for a $50 donation and will stay on our website for one year from the date it is published. Because these are custom-created, we will need 7-10 business days to complete each page. 

Click here to request a memorial webpage for your pet.  Up to five photos and 500 words of text may be submitted.

Click on each pet’s name to go to their memorial page.

In Rememberance of Rinny           In Rememberance of Rocky          In Rememberance of  Willow
             Rinny                                                Rocky                                              Willow

In Rememberance of Katie Scarlett

      PetMemorial-Pilgrim-1     Pet Memorial Buster 1

      Katie Scarlett                           Pilgrim                                               Buster