Pet memorial Buster 2He was ALL Jack Russell! Buster jumped like an Olympian! Fearlessly went down mole holes. He was a lightning- fast escape artist, with a little bobbed tail that quivered in delight. He was totally uncoordinated chasing down a ball, but caught a bit of kibble mid-air every time. Treats were the only way to get him to do things-thank goodness, because he definitely had an idea of what his universe should be. He’d always cock his head to the side when addressed and then proceeded to do what he wanted!

People say that JRs are high energy-they are wrong. Buster was high spirited, a very different thing. But his favorite time was when we settled into bed. He always dug under the covers and would not rest until he was right up against you. If you moved, he moved, never losing contact. My buddy, Buster, will be sorely missed.Pet Memorial Buster 1