Pilgrim – The Happiest Dog that Ever Lived

 Every day of living with Pilgrim was an adventure
and a lesson in patience

 PetMemorial-Pilgrim-2 He loved to:

  • Howl with the owls
  • Swim in cold water
  • Enjoy kongs – and lots of them – filled with peanut butter and treats
  • Steal pencils and pens off the desk
  • Take long walks in the woods
  • Chase snow balls
  • Go for car rides
  • Sleep with all 4 feet in the air
 PetMemorial-Pilgrim-3 His antics:

  • Getting stuck in the sliding window of Aunt Red’s truck
  • Tearing up $20 bills
  • Joining the neighbors barbeque
  • Drying himself on the back of the couch
  • Opening the gate on the front porch
  • Stealing food from the construction workers’ trucks
  • Grabbing his brother by the collar
  • Destroying pillows
  • Finding a mail order ham at the neighbors mailbox and helping himself to dinner
 PetMemorial-Pilgrim-4 Nicknames:

  • Pillbox
  • Silly Pilly
  • Chill Pil
  • Pill Pill


His Mottos:

  • Everyone loves me
  • Live for the moment

May we all learn from the wisdom of Pilgrim