PetMemorial-Rinny-3 A loyal and gentle companion, Rinny is missed by all who knew him.A perfect gentleman, he would wait patiently while his less mannered siblings rushed through doors when it was time to go for a walk or ride.  He was a wonderful host to the many foster dogs that shared his home – always eager to meet a new friend and show them around the home place.
PetMemorial-Rinny  Rinny was a constant companion on long walks through the woods and always enjoyed a dip in the pond.  He loved to go for car rides and even went on a cross country road trip to Washington state. Rinny’s most endearing habit was to cover his face with a paw when he was sleeping.  His even temperament provided much needed balance to the chaos created by others in his home. 

Rinny will long be remembered as a wonderful family companion.

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