Rocky picked me out at the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago and was my loyal companion for 16 years.

No matter what happened in our lives, he was constant, always adoring me with his big brown eyes ever offering his unconditional love and with a tail that wagged his body, showing his pure joy.

He was so forgiving, me being a first-time dog owner, gradually learning how to be a better person through his example.


Being a terrier mix he was always a little high-maintenance, but so worth it.

He was a licker, no need for exfoliation on his watch! He loved his tennis balls and would fetch forever.

He gave new meaning to “separation anxiety”, howling in despair until he heard the car start up.

Yes, he was a bit of a drama queen. He also gave new meaning to “sweet”, unless a stranger came within 3’ of me, then he was Super Protector-Dog, just without the cape. 


Yes, Rocky, you were a very Special Boy. You are so missed.