Drop dead gorgeous – that’s the first thing you’ll think when you meet Zion. 

His deep golden eyes are mesmerizing. His luxurious, long, fluffy black hair is like nothing we’ve seen before.  

On top of these great looks, we’ve discovered that there is quite a playful dog in Zion. 

It’s taken a bit of time, as he was quite frightened when he arrived, but he is now running and playing with other dogs and seeking people out for affection. 

He loves to lean against your legs waiting for you to pet him. 

Zion played a rousing game of “catch me if you can” with the shelter staff one day when he got out of a pen.  He didn’t really want to run away, he just wanted someone to chase him. 

Zion is quite a character and will enjoy having a family of his own to entertain.