Run, run, run. Chase, chase, chase.  Roll, roll, roll.  Nap!  That’s how Homer’s days go. 

As the youngest pup in the shelter, he enjoys playing with all his big “brothers and sisters” and he learns a little something from each one.  He’s growing up to be a well-rounded boy! 

He’s got chasing tennis balls down pretty well.  Carli showed him how to play leapfrog.  Tug is another game he’s caught on to. 

Little Homer has had quite a miraculous change from when we first saw him.  When he arrived his skin was so inflamed and painful that every part of him hurt.  We didn’t see his eyes for three days because they were swollen shut. 

He’s put that all behind him and is focusing on the future with a family who will give him lots of love and plenty of play time. 

Are you looking for a friend to liven up your days.  Come meet Homer, he’s sure to bring you daily laughs!