We are so proud of Jazzy. She’s only been with us a short time, but is making great strides to becoming a confident dog.

She came to us pretty much terrified of everything. When she first arrived she would beg you to stop at her kennel, but if you put a leash on her to take a walk, she would flatten to the ground like a pancake and then “army crawl” along the kennels to get close to other dogs. It was heart wrenching to see.

However, she is now able to come out of her kennel and trot alongside another dog, with her head held high and her tail wagging. She is still more confident with another dog by her side, but we anticipate that she will become braver as she has more positive experiences with people.

Watching her “let loose” by running and playing with other dogs is a joy to see.

This gentle girl has lots of potential and will make a loyal family member to the patient family that gives her a chance.