Vixen and Rosemary are two fabulous cats that need to find homes now, so that they don’t have to travel 1600 miles to a sanctuary. Both girls are living in a foster home, so we know just exactly how wonderful they are.

Vixen is a total lap cat! She loves to snuggle. If you are lounging on the couch watching a movie, she’s sure to be right next to you. If you’re working on your computer, she’ll be supervising from the desk. Cooking dinner – you’ll find Vixen overseeing the job from the top of the refrigerator. This girl loves people – all people, when guests come over, she’ll be the first to greet them. Vixen is also an avid bird watcher and she loves dogs!

 Rosemary is curiosity plus. She spends lots of time on the screened in porch watching the world go round – birds, especially hummingbirds can keep her entertained for hours. And the squirrels, oh, what fun to watch them jump from tree to tree. But what she really likes is having people play interactive toys with her. She’s quite athletic and will do flips to try to catch a feather toy. She’s great at pouncing on mice (the fake furry ones, we’re not sure about the real ones) and she is super agile when chasing the cat dancer toy. When Rosemary is ready for a nap, she’s seeks out people and will curl up nearby. She’s also quite adept and letting you know when she wants to be petted. Like Vixen, Rosemary is quite comfortable with dogs.

 These two girls both have Feline Leukemia virus (FeLV). They have not shown any signs of sickness since being in foster. One of the tricks to managing this disease is to keep the cats stress-free. Getting them into a forever home without a long trip is preferable.

 Vixen and Rosemary do not have to be adopted together. Although they enjoy playing together, they are not dependent on each other. They cannot live with other cats that do not have FeLV, but they can live quite happily with dogs and other species.

We are grateful that we have an opportunity to send them to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, but it would be much better to find them a home closer to here. You can help. Please forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to send it to their friends.

Anyone interested in adopting, can complete an application at: or call the shelter at 812-988-7362. Since Vixen and Rosemary are in foster, if someone wants to meet them, an appointment will need to be made.

Thanks so much for helping to spread the word. Rosemary & Vixen appreciate it!

 Let’s get them home!