Little Red reminds of us of the TV character Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry.  Like Andy, Little Red is kind, gentle, laid-back and maybe just a tad goofy.

Spending time with Little Red is an absolute joy. Ask if he’s ready for a walk, and his eyes brighten and his whole body seems to wag. Red walks right next to you, with the leash loose.

Playtime for him is loping around the field, nose to the ground at times, always checking to see where you are. Wave your arm or call his name and he turns on the speed to get back to your side. 

If there happens to be another dog in the play-yard, get ready for some laughs!  Little Red loves to chase and be chased.  Playing tug is also great fun.  He often tumbles over and does somersaults just for the fun of it!

If you happen to have a treat to offer, Red will take it softly that you might not even notice it’s gone.

Come in and ask to meet Little Red, our Sheriff Taylor!