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The BIG Certified Pre-Owned Cat Model Sale!

Certified, pre-owned cat models for just $20.13!  Adopters can come into the shelter in August and take home one of our pre-owned cat models (age: 1yr+) for the low, low price of just $20.13 (a savings of at least $45).

If you’re looking for true value, we’ve got the shapes, sizes, colors, and speeds to meet  your needs.  Plus, our cat models increase in value as soon as you drive them off the lot.

All cat models are certified “special” and receive thorough inspections and maintenance, including  shots, any necessary medical care, spay/neuter, daily love, play time, and socialization.  They are ready to take off the lot today!

Some current cat models include:

Cody –  The Porche: Fast, black, and sleek.  Perfect for the person who loves to drive far and fast on the highway, Cody provides all the energy you need.

Arthur – The Family Car: Wonderful if you have kids. No need to worry about fingerprints or grabby hands. The more Arthur is polished, the more he shines.  Works great with other models.

Kennedy – The Mustang:  A real classic, made for driving and for show.  You’ll love to spend time just buffing his coat, but you won’t be able to help taking him out for a fast spin as well.

So come into the shelter today and find the cat model that’s perfect for you!