Dog of the Week-Takonii-largeOur Dog of the Week is Takonii!
Each week dozens of people look at Takonii’s Petfinder profile, yet no one calls for her. She has so many wonderful personality traits. Please read below and consider giving this lovely senior a home.Takonii means “wolf” in Athabaskan, a language spoken in parts of Alaska. This senior girl is a pure delight. She loves to roll on her back, enjoying the sunshine. She is a bit on the “fluffy” side, so she needs to have someone who will watch her dietary needs to get her to a healthier weight. Her smile is nonstop, showing what a happy girl she is. Please call the shelter to arrange a meeting with her, since she is at a foster home.

patty and takoniiA note from Takonii’s foster mom: This girl has been a dream to foster. She has the most adorable voice. She uses a very soft howl to let you know she needs some hugs and belly rubs. It’s so sweet to hear her talk to me! She recognizes my car when I pull in and she’s always peeking through the curtains. She prefers to snooze much of her day away on a fluffy dog bed, but also enjoys a stroll through the yard with the rest of the doggies. She’s gotten along well with them. Her diet is just two cups of food per day, but I always give her some canned green beans and/or carrots she loves them. She takes a daily thyroid pill which is inexpensive. The medicine, diet and exercise has really improved her mobility and she’s looking great! This girl is very gentle, absolutely no trouble at all, and simply a joy to have in my home. Patty Forister 812-988-7362.

Update from foster mom: Tomorrow is a big day for Takonii. She’s going to be weighed to see how her diet is going. She now has a voluptuous figure and you can see her hips. She also has surgery on tail tomorrow, so please wish her a speedy recovery. Something new- Tiny Takonii loves bananas! It’s so easy to give her medicine by hiding them inside. She also loves to ride in the car. When she’s sees the leash come out, she is ready to hop in for a cruise. Her favorite spot in the house is the air conditioning vent. She’s a furry girl!

5-12-2013 Weigh In- From 137.8 to 122.7, she’s down 15 pounds!

She is just a lovely Malamute, so come on you arctic breed lovers! Give us a call and make plans to meet her. You will love her, I promise.