Pick Me! Pets

Pick Me!  Pets

Is your family special enough to give a pet a little “extra something”?

Our “Extra Special” pets are featured here.  These are pets that need a little something “extra” from their forever families to live a happy and healthy life.  That “Extra” something might be:  patience, medical care, training, time, exercise, quiet, special food or a variety of other things.  These are perfectly wonderful pets and will do great with the right home. 

Is your home the right one?
If so, call 812-988-7362 and let the shelter know which special pet you want to pick.

bianca Gabby head 240x180 Tucker
Bianca is a true success story, and an example of how patience, care, and time can help everyone.  Bianca came to the shelter very afraid.  She spent months hiding in the back of her kitty condo, lying in a box, barely peeking her eyes over the edge.  Staff and volunteers worked very hard to bring her out of her shell, spending time with her, talking to her, showing her that she didn’t need to be afraid.  Now Bianca has moved to the big cat room and is ready to go home.  She’s learned that she can enjoy attention, and will gently bump your hand with her head to let you know that she’d like more.  Hearing her purr is such a sweet reward.
Through the whole horrible ordeal, Gabrielle (Gabby) remained gentle and calm. Even without pain medication, she let us examine her severely mangled front paw and allowed us to wrap it. She even gently licked our hands and face while we attended to her. The damage was probably done by a leg-hold trap. It caused her to lose her leg. She is now recovered and has adjusted well to life on three legs. Her gentle spirit continues to amaze us. Gabby loves nothing more than to snuggle up close to a person, rolling over for belly rubs and looking at you through squinty eyes. Gabby also loves to play with squeaky toys. She’ll toss them in the air and pounce on them, never tearing them up, just playing! Even though she only has three legs, she is a strong girl and will benefit from learning good leash walking manners. We are working on that now! Click here to see Gabby’s video. Tucker is a long and lanky boy with dreamy eyes and a  curious personality. He’s pretty shy though, so he likes people to  move slowly.  Tucker was part of a hoarder’s house with over 100 cats. The HSUS rescued the him, and he came
to the Brown County Humane Society where he’s been learning to trust people.  He’s
doing a great job!  Tucker has an ongoing “hot spot” that we think is anxiety related. He needs someone who is patient and will let him explore and find out what a wonderful world this is and how it’s filled with loving people.
Bianca’s Extra Needs:  Just a little time and patience in a quiet home. Gabby’s Extra Needs:  Teaching leash walking skills and helping Gabby get used to other dogs.
Tucker’s Extra Needs:  Quiet family with lots of patience.
 Saffron  Tyler    Jerico
 Saffron  Tyler  jerico
We’re not really supposed to have “favorites” at the shelter, but Saffron is a favorite, nonetheless.  Saffron is so much fun. She loves to play! Her favorite toys are crinkle balls and jingle balls, but she’ll play with just about anything. She’s got tons of energy, but she also.loves to be petted and brushed. At BCHS she’s also called “Cotton Ball” or “Q-tip”  because of her soft, puffy coat.   Saffron will lie down next to you and gaze into your eyes, or curl up tightly in her kitty bed for a nap. Saffron has a dry ear and a blocked tear duct that need some easy daily medication.
Tyler came from the same hoarding situation as Tucker and, like him, he’s a bit shy. If you move too fast, he gets scared and hides. He’s made so much progress, though, and is very curious.  He needs a quiet home with a family that is patient and has faith that he will  learn to trust people and find out what love is all about. Jerico came from a home where he was an only cat and was very loved.  Then his owner died.  It took him a long time to adjust, and he’s still a bit wary. Fortunately, Jerico’s discovered that he loves to have his chin rubbed and neck scratched, and a bit of brushing goes a long way toward earning his trust.  Plus, anyone willing to feed him earns big points in the affection department. Jerico is a great cat with a huge and unique personality.  He’d do best with a quieter home and some patience to give him time to warm up to you, but once he does, you’ll have a loyal, funny, beautiful friend with a huge heart.
Saffron’s Extra Needs: Family
willing to give daily medications
of eye medicine and ear lotion.
Tyler’s Extra Needs:  Quiet family
with lots of patience.
 Jerico’s Extra Needs:  Calm and quiet home.