Red Collar Club

Chins that are turning white, eyes that are filled with knowledge, calmness that surrounds them. These are all the wonderful signs…of a senior pet.

While kittens move at warp-speed, senior cats tend to soak in what life is offering with every step. Whether you grow older together or meet in later years, there is a special bond that forms between us and a senior pet. They are so grateful for all that we give them—food, a cozy bed, endless love—that we forget what they bring to our lives. They are our loyal companions, comforting us when we don’t feel well and making us smile with their silly antics. They are family.

The Brown County Humane Society has created an exclusive club for these cherished cats called The Red Collar Club. Membership is limited to our senior homeless cats at the shelter who are over 7 years of age (our Old-Timers), as well as those who have been at the shelter for over 6 months (whom we lovingly refer to as “Long-Timers”). They are all asking for one simple thing: a chance to be part of a family.

Adoption fee is $10 (rabies shot is an additional $12)

Visit the Available Cats page to see who is a member of this exclusive club.  Then stop by the shelter and adopt your new family member.