Tanner and toys – like cowboys and their hats – you seldom see one without the other.Tanner’s favorite toys are the “fishing pole” type because that means you are at the end of it and he loves interacting with people.

His foster family calls him a “dog cat” because he is always waiting at the door for them when they get home. Tanner is also quite a talker. It’s as if he’s telling you everything you missed while you were gone.

Of course, like any respectable cat, he does have his limits. He loves to be petted and will even curl up in your lap, but he’s not yet a fan of being picked up and carried. Tanner has been in a foster home with dogs and cats and gets along great with everyone.

Tanner has feline leukemia virus. He is healthy and happy right now and could be for a long time. This virus is not contagious to people or dogs, but he needs to be an only cat or live with other cats that have the virus.

Tanner is a wonderful young kitty and deserves a loving home. Won’t you give him a chance?

Tanner is in a foster home, so call the shelter to make arrangements to meet him.