Oh, to be young and without a care in the world!  That’s Bullseye.

This bouncy, happy-go-lucky guy hasn’t met a stranger, person or dog, and goes about his life entertaining everyone he meets.  Silly boy, if there is no one around to play with him, Bullseye amuses himself with a tennis ball – throwing it in the air, pouncing on it, kicking it like a soccer ball – over and over again!

Bullseye has mastered the art of living in the moment and finds delight in whatever is happening right this minute.  That includes settling to enjoy pets from his favorite humans – that’s anyone that will give him some attention!

He’s pretty good at charming other dogs, too.  Lots of play bows, roll overs and jumps entices others to adopt his carefree attitude.

Bullseye also enjoys learning to work for treats. That’s great news for whoever is lucky enough to adopt him because he should be an easy boy to train.

Looking for a dog to liven up your life?  Come meet Bullseye.
Approx age:  8 months