Video:  Charlie’s Day Out

Charlie has been at the shelter too long.  A couple of volunteers decided he needed some time away from the shelter, a little mini-retreat, to let him know he’s extra special.

This was a new experience for Charlie and he was a perfect gentleman!  He spent time exploring, at first a little cautiously, but by the end of the day he was pretty confident about adventuring from one room to another.  He wasn’t too sure about the stairs, but with a few treats he was willing to try. Charlie had some snuggle time on a great big bed and a couple of sofas; play time with squeaky and tug toys; and outdoor time with his favorite – tennis balls.

It was just amazing to see how calm and gentle he was in the home because at the shelter he gets way too excited when visitors come by.  He begs them to pay attention to him, but his exuberance just makes the guests hurry past him and they miss the chance of meeting a wonderful friend.

If you are looking for a dog that loves to play but can also settle down quickly, Charlie’s the one for you.  He just wants to hang out with people.  Come see this handsome boy and imagine how fun it would be to have Charlie in your life.