Volunteer of The Year

These are the people who really shine at Brown County Humane Society. Our volunteer of the year award goes to that person each year who has given all (and more) that they have to help the Brown County Humane Society through their volunteer work.

2011 Volunteers of the Year:
Carol and Emily Cameron

Together, they log over 500 hours a year for our shelter, taking photographs of our cats and dogs, writing descriptions and posting them to Petfinder, to help us get everyone adopted. 

They are a big reason our Out Alive rate is 96%. 

We are thrilled to give them this well-deserved award.

Volunteer of the Year 2010 Marge Cook2009 Volunteer of the Year:
Marge Cook.

We can call on Marge for anything! She’s always there for us! Marge Cook was recently named 2009 Volunteer of the Year by the Brown County Humane Society.

Marge has been an active volunteer for at least 5 years, volunteering at many off-site adoption events and fundraising events including the Dog Walk, Barn Sale, car parking, and photos with Santa (at Petsmart). She was one of the first people to join the Promise Fund and has driven about 15 transports for CanINE Express, traveling over 30,000 miles for the animals of Brown County Humane Society.

She has also volunteered at “friend raising” events such as the fair and the Log Cabin tour concession booth as well as actively promoting BC Humane to her contacts. Thank you so much, Marge!

2008 Volunteer of the Year:
Jody Rainbolt

Jody approached our shelter in 2005 and offered to help us find homes for our shelter cats.  Little did we know the huge impact Jody would have.  Since then she has been constantly caring for 20-30 shelter cats at her house, at her expense and finding homes for them.

She advertises in the Indianapolis area and reaches an audience we would otherwise not have access to.  Jody puts potential adopters through a thorough screening process and follows up on cats she has found homes for.  Jody is a wonderful extension of the shelter and has saved over 200 cats each year since implementing her program. 

The shelter’s impressive Out Alive rate is in a large part due to Jody’s dedication to saving cats.

2007 Volunteer of the Year:
Cathi Eagan

Cathi Eagan started volunteering at the shelter as a dog walker. 

On a trip to Italy in 2004 she visited St. Francis’s tomb in Assisi and asked for help – something, anything that she could do to make a difference in helping the stray and unwanted animals at our shelter. 

Soon thereafter an idea struck her and CanINE Express was born.  Through CanINE Express Cathi has transported over 350 Brown County dogs to shelters in New England where loving homes are found.  Cathi spends over a hundred hours each month preparing for the transport and then takes 3-4 days of her time each month to drive the 1200 miles to save the dogs. 

In addition to the CanINE Express Cathi helps at many off-site adoption events and fundraisers.  Cathi also has a wide network of other animal care organizations that she works with and is phenomenal at finding the right place for those really hard to place pets. 

The shelter’s impressive Out Alive rate is in a large part due to Cathi’s dedication to saving dogs. To learn more about CanINE Express, visit http://www.canineexpress.org.