Another year is in the books and with it, over 600 animals were served by the Brown County Humane Society. And it was only possible because of your shared compassion for homeless animals.  Here are just a few things you made possible last year.

Thanks to the generosity of our community of supporters, volunteers and advocates, BCHS achieved a save rate of nearly 99% in 2023. This marks our seventh consecutive year with a save rate of 98% or more which far surpasses our national average of approximately 82%.  This was possible because:

  • 150 dogs and 387 cats were adopted into loving forever homes
  • 81 lost dogs and cats were reunited with their families
  • Our amazing network of foster homes provided care to 182 animals including ones that were sick, injured or so young they needed additional attention to grow big and strong

Thank you for your help to make our shelter one of the leading shelters in the country!

It wasn’t just shelter pets that received assistance last year. Thanks to the continued efforts of our Serving Pets Outreach Program (SPOT), hundreds of families received assistance for their pets including spay/neuter surgeries, food assistance and bales of straw to keep outside pets warm.

In total, 836 community dogs and cats were spayed/neutered last year preventing thousands of unwanted pets. Since its beginning in 2010, the SPOT program has provided spay/neuter surgeries to over 9,400 pets. The annual Rabies Vaccination Clinic provided 337 Brown County dogs and cats with vaccinations to stay healthy.

All of these achievements are thanks to you. Whether you dropped off a bag of food, attended one of our events, made a monetary donation, adopted or contributed in some other way, you are what made it possible to save hundreds of lives in 2023.

With you by our side, we cannot wait to see what this year brings!