Beauregard is very popular at the shelter.   If he was on Facebook he would have a 1000 friends – both dog & people friends!

And his looks are as enviable as his friend list.

If the television show Hee Haw was still being filmed, our Beauregard would be a shoe-in for the bloodhound part. Beau is a perfect specimen, long pendulous ears, sad, droopy eyes and a very goofy personality.

It is hilarious to watch him play with his buddy Nanook, a lab x husky mix.; Nanook runs twice as fast as Beau, but Beau just lopes along trying to catch him.

Beau is fantastic with other dogs and we often use him to introduce shy or pushy dogs to playgroups.

Beau has been known to get a bit “possessive” of his human friends, so the family interested in adopting Beau will need to commit to taking him to a positive reinforcement trainer and to having everyone in the family participate in training.

Beau will make a great family pet with proper guidance and lot of exercise.