Happy Tails Bella


Bella’s new name is Nelly, she knows her name already and will come when called. We are very happy with our choice. She is adapting to the routines very well. She has only had one small piddle in the house and it was my fault for not recognizing the signs quick enough. She has been on a walk with the leash and did great, we don’t feel there will any problems with the leash on walks. Thank you for all you do for the sake of the aminals of Brown County. Keep up the great work.

Happy Tails Bella and NellyWe have included some photos of Nelly. She is fitting right in with our family. She is a great dog with such a sweet disposition. We are so happy we decided to adopt from the brown county humane society. One of the photos are of her and “Momma” and another is of her and her new brother “Jack.”

Mike and Carol Sipes