Carmen’s heroine is Helen Keller. Like Helen, Carmen has not let physical challenges hold her back.

Although Carmen is deaf, she has been a model student of “clicker” training. Only instead of learning with a clicker, she has learned with a flashlight!  She has quickly caught onto several hand signals and absolutely loves her training sessions. She is very motivated to learn new “words” and gets all excited when she sees the flashlight. Carmen is intensely observant and picks up tricks very quickly.

At a year old, Carmen still plays like a puppy and enjoys all kinds of toys. She’s pretty good at fetch, loves tug toys and entertains herself by throwing stuffed toys into the air and then pouncing on them. Playing chase with other dogs is a favorite activity also.

Extremely loyal, Carmen makes it her job to keep an eye on “her person” throughout the day.  Even when given the chance to explore on her own outside, Carmen will check in periodically to be sure all is well with her human. 

Carmen has had seizures, but they are well controlled with medication.

She is a very energetic girl and will need a family that will provide a daily routine, including lots of exercise. Because of her desire to please and quick learning, Carmen would be a great agility or freestyle dog.

Carmen, aka Carmen Keller, is currently in a foster home.  Her foster home says she is a joy to live with.  Carmen is house trained, good with cats and is trustworthy roaming free in the house when left alone.  Lots of good information about “life with Carmen” is available from the foster. If you’d like to learn more about Carmen, give the shelter a call, 812-988-7362 and they will put you in touch with the foster family.