Cat of the Week – 01-25-16

Cat of the Week - Sylvia largeSylvia – Got milk? It’s not really polite to point out a lady’s mustache, but how can we help it when it’s so cute? It’s also not nice to talk about a lady’s weight (pleasantly plump) or her age (16 years young). But Sylvia wears it all so well, and is delightfully sweet, friendly, and playful. She likes to be close by, sitting next to you for head scratches. Plus, she’s kept her head high during a very difficult time.

Sylvia spent her 16 years as a beloved, indoor cat until her owner became too ill to care for her. Not wanting to deal with the “problem,” his children were ready to throw Sylvia out into the snow. Fortunately, a good samaritan was able to bring her to us.

Sylvia has remained a lady through it all. She has a beautiful heart. She’s just looking for a home where she can be a little spoiled, have some fun, a warm spot to sleep in, and someone to share her love.