Cat of the Week - Isabella largeIsabelle – a lap cat extraordinaire.This beautiful senior kitty has learned what she wants in life, and she’s bound to get it. The best thing is, you’ll want to give it to her.

Izzy’s mission in life seems to be to find the nearest cozy lap on which to sit, and to stay there. She can be rather insistent about it, too. She’ll follow you and meow at you until you settle down somewhere. She’s also not particularly happy about other cats trying to take her place. She tolerates them, until they make a move to join her on your lap.  Then she lets them know who’s queen.

Izzy is declawed, so she needs to be an indoor cat, but she’s made for petting and cuddling and hugging, more than hunting anyway. She’s quite adept at “making biscuits” as well, so her lack of claws makes it feel like she’s giving you a little massage.