Cat of the Week - Ryana largeRyana is a doll.  She’s bright and sweet and LOVES attention. She likes to sit with you and get lots of chin scratches, chattering with you all the while.

Ryana is always one of the first to say hello in the morning, letting you know that she’s happy to see you. Her first priority isn’t to play or run around, it’s to settle in with you for some one-on-one time. She definitely likes to be close by. But she is playful, especially when you participate with her.

She’s a beautiful cat, with lovely, thick fur like a cotton ball, and she has the cutest little bob tail and the sweetest pink nose.

ryana3Ryana is declawed, so she’ll need to be an indoor kitty. She also has a limp and some pain from a previous injury. Those two things together make her nervous of other animals, so she’d do much better as an only pet.

If you’re looking for an sweet companion that loves attention and won’t scratch your furniture, come and meet Ryana.