You might have to make a little extra effort to connect with Trico, but he’s worth it!

A bit of an introvert, Trico doesn’t rush to the front of his cage to greet you, like some of the outgoing, younger cats, but he has just as much love to give.  That bit of shyness has not done him any favors at the shelter.  He’s been with us over three months, just waiting for that patient, special someone to discover what a great kitty he is.

When you do take the time to meet him, you’ll find a sweetheart who loves to make biscuits and purr.  His favorite game is one of hide and seek – you hide his treats and he’ll snoop around until he finds every last one of them!

Stop by and spend some time with Trico.  You just might find out he’s the one for you.

Approximate age:  9 years