Deirdra – When you first see her in her condo, you’ll be taken in by her striking good looks and very soft fur. She’ll probably greet you with the sweetest little meows, then stand up to come to the door, ready to come out for a visit. But that’s not the way it’s always been with her.

Some cats take more time to adjust to new environments or situations. That’s been the case with Deirdra. Always sweet, but also nervous, she took months to come out from her kitty condo. Staff and volunteers would spend one-on-one time with her, coaxing her with treats and toys and, eventually, lots of chin scratches. She grew to love it all, and would happily allow plenty of attention, as long as she could stay inside her condo, curled up in her bed.

Then one day something must have “clicked” and she decided she was ready to greet the rest of the world. Out she came. Now, she doesn’t want to stay inside her condo any longer than she has to. She’s still growing used to the rest of the BIG room, and prefers to observe from a distance, but she knows that there are better things to be found when she’s ready. Best of all, she’s curious and excited about people again and is ready to share her love.