Avery – His beautiful, big, round eyes give Avery an always-surprised look that’s a bit of a window to his personality. Everything is a wonder to him, as though he’s seeing it all for the first time. He’s a bit shy at first, but curious enough to come forward for petting which he discovers, to his wonder, is wonderful. The jingly toy might startle him a bit, but when he bats at it, he realizes how much fun it is and is off to play for a while. That other cat? Well, let’s check him out…oh he’s fun!

Avery has learned that he likes the crinkle toy the best. He loves a nice bed or a comfy box, and a blanket to crawl under is the very best thing. He likes to curl up so much that it’s a surprise when he stretches out to see just how long his legs are. Avery is a BIG boy.

It’s a delight to watch Avery as he discovers each new thing (again). It’s even better when he settles in to enjoy himself with you.