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Remy and Franklin

Remy–a cat for lounging on the couch, reading a book by the fire, or taking a sick day in bed. Everything about him makes you feel calm and well.

Franklin–the life of the party.  He plays, he runs, he climbs, and he tumbles. He cuddles, he purrs, he kneads and he snuggles. He’s a kitten on a mission of love and fun.

Remy is like a quiet day, a calming bath, a dreamy afternoon nap. He’s beautiful and soft, inside and out.

Franklin is ready for action, always on the go. But just when it seems like he’s about to bounce off the wall, his loving foster brother, Remy calms him down.

Remy and Franklin are the perfect balance.  Franklin brings out Remy’s playful side and Remy brings out Franklin’s sweet side. They love to curl up together and cuddle in their hammock.

We’d love to see these boys adopted together, so that they can keep the loving bond they’ve created. Together, they provide the perfect cat experience for any home.