Cat of the Week - Grayson large Grayson – His story is a mystery. We don’t know where he came from. He was brought to us in a feral cat trap, but this big guy is far from feral. He looks like he’s been on his own for a little while, yet he’s certainly not a loner.

In fact, Grayson is adorable and sweet and loving. He’s a big old tomcat, with a cotton ball body. Best of all, he loves people. Grayson is happy to sit by your side while you scratch his chin (he’ll get his chin all the way down to the floor to reach your hand). If you stop petting, he’ll reach out to tap you for more.

Maybe he was on his own too long and wants the comfort. Maybe he remembers a better time when he was loved. Whatever his past story, we want Grayson’s next chapter to be a good one.