Dog of the Week - Gaby largeGabrielle – To see the smile on her face, you wouldn’t know that Gabrielle’s is a tale of survival. When she came to us, she’d been horribly injured, with a severely mangled front paw, probably from a leg-hold trap. Even though she was in terrible pain, Gabby was gentle and calm, letting us examine her while she licked our hands and faces.

Gabby’s leg couldn’t be saved, but she’s kept on smiling. Right after her surgery, she was out running around, throwing her ball in the air and chasing it. Her gentle spirit continues to amaze us. Gabby also loves to play with squeaky toys. She’ll toss them in the air and pounce on them, never tearing them up, just playing!

Gabby really wants nothing more than to snuggle up close to a person, rolling over for belly rubs and looking at you through squinty eyes. Possibly because of her injury, Gabby reacts strongly to other dogs, so she needs a home where she gets all of the attention to herself. We thinks she’s worth it, don’t you?