Bolero – Ruggedly handsome Bolero has been some places and seen some things and he wasn’t sure he was ready to give up the bachelor life of an outdoor cat. At the shelter, he wanted to make sure everyone knew he was a macho guy by swatting or hissing. Every now and then he’d let his guard down, though, and allow a head scratch or two. We decided to try him in foster care, to see how he would do outside the confines of a cat condo.

After one day in foster care, where he’s learned about cat treats, tuna fish, and chin scratches, it became obvious that Bolero had given up the idea of returning to the wild in favor of becoming a spoiled house cat. He’s fallen in love with chin scratches and belly rubs and if he gets a little nervous of strangers at first, he just goes back to the safety of his foster mom, who he adores. We know that he’ll bond just as quickly with a new family.

Watch Bolero’s action video.