Cole/ Daisy- these two are hounds of a smaller variety weighing in at 35-40 pounds.

They came to the shelter together and it became obvious right away that neither of them had ever been on a leash before. Daisy mastered the basics right away and was walking with her handler with little trouble. Cole on the other hand is going to need more work because quite frankly, he had no intention of even trying to walk on a leash. His handler gave up and ended up carrying him to the field for exercise. He pleasantly surprised us though. When the lead was dropped he ran forward and immediately turned around , ran for his handler and ended up sitting between her legs. It was very touching.

Prior to coming to our shelter , it is more than likely that little to no time was spent with either of these too happy little spirits. They revel in any attention given to them. We believe with patience and time each of these super hound mixes will make wonderful companions.

He’s available for adoption by applying here.