Cranberry knows no fear!  She marched right up to a Great Dane she had never met, reached out with her paw and touched his nose.  Fortunate for her, the dog was used to kitties and their silly antics. 

Cranberry is the first one to sneak out of her room to go exploring, that’s how she found the Great Dane and the Christmas tree which she attempted to climb! 

Full of life, she loves chasing toys and wrestling with her sister Rosemary.  When she gets tired, she looks for the closest lap to take a nap.

Cranberry is such a happy kitty that she brings a smile to all who meet her!

Cranberry has feline leukemia virus, but is healthy now and could be for a long time.  This virus is not contagious to people or dogs, but is to other cats.  She will need to be an only cat or live with other cats that have the virus.