Dog of the Week - Jilly largeJilly – Jilly’s whole world has been turned upside down.  One day everything was just as it should be – a couch to lounge on and watch TV with her mom, a big yard to play in with her very own squirrels to chase, yummy meals specially prepared just for her. 

The next day, nothing was the same.  Her mom didn’t wake up, and Jilly and her sister were brought to the shelter.  There was no couch, no yard and no mom. 

Jilly is still trying to figure out what happened.  She tries very hard to talk to anyone who will pay attention to her.  She lavishes kisses on all who visit her.  She seems to be trying to tell her story and to get things put back the way they were. 

Jilly was the center of attention in her home.  She was very loved and is craving that human bond again. Jilly is a wonderfully affectionate and well mannered girl.  It will take very little effort to integrate her into a new home. 

Your love and attention will be repaid a thousand times over with Jilly.