Dog of the Week - Monty largeMonty – A beautiful boy looking for the right home.

Monty believes you miss out unless you stop to smell the roses and feel the sun on your face.  Walking on leash, playing with his canine friends, or just lying in the grass getting a back massage, Monty takes his time and savors it all.  

Monty is shy.  He takes time to get used to anything new: new people, new places, new animals. He’s not a dog who likes surprises.

Monty is looking for an experienced dog owner who really wants to get to know him. Someone who wants to take the time and care to develop a real bond with him, and to understand his likes and dislikes…all his little quirks. If you know how to read him, Monty is an open book, but you have to know how to read his language.

If you’re fluent in “dog” then Monty might just be the dog for you.