Babette’s number one, very most favorite thing is people. Lead her to a big pile of dog toys – balls, tug toys, frisbees, squeakers – she’ll just turn around and head straight to the nearest person for some pets.

Coming in a bit behind people in her view of the most important things in the world are treats. She takes them gently and savors every bite. She’s also gotten really good at sniffing out treats that have been dropped in the grass. That can keep her busy for quite a while.

Babette is a dog walker’s favorite because she walks so nicely on leash, never a pull, she just trots along at the pace you set.

Babette is still looking a little rough from some skin issues she came to the shelter with, but her hair is coming back in and she is feeling so much better. We can’t wait to see her when her opossum tail turns into a dog tail!

If you are looking for a super sweet, laid back, easy going girl to hang out with, Babette’s the one for you.

Approximate Age: 9 years
Weight: 57 pounds