DE-TALES: Male cattle dog/red heeler mix. Just shy of 50 lbs. and celebrating birthday number 2 this May.

Considering adopting a dog? This boy knows exactly what to do with a good ball and excels in the art and science of retrieving. We’re not sure how big his battery is, but he outlasts his human players. Suffice it to say, he loves to play; will even adjust his play style to fit his play-mate.

On top of that, he loves spending time with his human friends. Affectionate and eager for belly rubs and pets. Figg is a gentleman and always takes treats politely. He won’t embarrass you when company is over. Figg is a real gem and not to be missed. Call Brown County, IN Humane Society to schedule a time to meet Figg.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, find more about Figg HERE.  Or reach out to our adoption counselor HERE.


adopt a dog of the week Figg

Figg is a gentleman and takes treats gently.

Figg, Dog of the Week at Brown County, IN Humane Society. Loves fetching balls.

Is this an expression of sheer delight?