Looking for a fun dog that loves to learn new things – check out Jack! Jack is an incredibly fast learner and is always seeking ways to earn a treat. It’s fun to watch him work out new puzzles as he tries one thing and then another. It’s almost like you can see his brain working! His foster mom taught him to sit, come, wait, leave it and drop it. He’s even learned to stand up to catch a treat! Oh, and if you don’t keep him busy, he’ll find fun things to do on his own, like open sliding glass doors and drawers! You’ll need to keep one step ahead of Jack!

Jack’s foster mom said the most precious thing about Jack is his hugs. When at eye level with you he will wrap his legs around you and give you a big hug and a gentle kiss! He loves people and enjoys everyone he meets, especially if they give head massages and ear scratches.
When it is time to settle down Jack is all in. His favorite place is to curl up next to or across your legs and drift off into a deep sleep. He’ll be a perfect companion on a chilly winter night!
Approximate Age: 2 years
Weight: 42 pounds