Mary Beth is back again as our dog of the week because we know her person is out there. She is looking for nothing more in life than someone she can share all her love with.
Care staff Kaitlin is Mary Beth’s best friend at the shelter. And, as you can see by the photo, every time Mary Beth sees her, she gazes with a look of complete admiration for her friend.
She is one happy girl and willing to go along with whatever silly idea you come up. Want to go splash in the creek, she’s right by your side. Want to play dress up and adorn her with headbands, scarves, boas or sparkly sweaters, she’s all in! Want to hang out in the back yard and watch the day go by, she’ll be right there rolling in the grass next to you. Want to play a game of fetch, well, she’ll happily squeak the toy, but she might not bring it right back to you! Want to spend the day on a long hike in the woods, Mary Beth’s your sidekick!
Those are things that Mary Beth loves to do, but what you will love most about Mary Beth are her big, sloppy kisses that come straight from her heart.