Dog of the Week - SmokeSmoke – We asked Smoke what his ideal day at the shelter is and here’s what he had to say…

Wake up about 8 am, stretch my legs and head out to the local cafe (exercise pen) to catch up on the news with the other senior dogs, Veronica and Sis.  Stroll around the pen and read the newspaper (sniff the trees, bushes and picnic table).  Find a nice shady spot under the picnic table and take a nap.

Call for the driver (volunteer) to take me for a morning drive (walk).  Stroll around the estate grounds (barn) to see what the other gentlemen and ladies have been up to.>Around noon, call for my butler (shelter staff) to take me to my apartment for a tasty lunch prepared by my chef (shelter staff).

In the afternoon entertain all the visitors who come to admire me.  In between visitors, curl up on my freshly made bed, prepared by my maid (shelter staff), for an afternoon nap.  Late in the day call the butler to escort me back to the cafe for the latest news from my colleagues.

Around 5 pm retire to my apartment for the evening.

As you can see, Smoke prefers a simple life – a little companionship, some good food and a place to nap.  In return, he will happily shower his family with love and affection.